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The reality is there is a relatively short window during a woman's cycle that she can get pregnant whether or not she's on birth control or actively trying. Of course, every woman is different, as are her monthly cycles, so it's never a sure bet to say that there's any week or day when you absolutely cannot get pregnant so always use protection if you're not trying to conceive. If you're wondering which occasions make for the least likely opportunity to conceive, however, here are some expert-stamped scenarios where your chances are low. You're on birth control If you're on birth control , be it the pill, patch, ring, implant, IUD, or the shot Depo-Provera , and you're following all instructions, your chances of getting pregnant are less than 1 percent. Even if you're committed to taking your birth control, you still have to be careful, since traditional pill packs typically contain days of sugar pills that do not contain hormones, and, in some women, days without exposure to hormones may be long enough to allow for recruitment of a mature egg. You have your period While it's not totally impossible to get pregnant while Aunt Flo is in town , your chances are pretty darn slim.You have sex without protection and worry you might be pregnant. Here's a guide on how pregnancy happens with unprotected sex and what. If you are not getting pregnant despite having sex without a condom, there are several factors that might be the cause. On the other hand, if you choose not. Pregnancy happens when a man’s sperm fertilises a woman’s egg, which can happen even if you’ve not had sexual intercourse (penetration). During sex, semen is ejaculated from the man’s penis into the woman’s vagina. It’s possible for you to get pregnant without having...the end of the story look at the video above ↑ ↑ ↑

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