Recordable limited time play DVD

- DVD-D+R is a recordable limited time play DVD
- It is 8X compatible recording speed
- 4.5 Go capacity
- After recording the contend can be made available for only one play or up to 48 hours after it is played for the first time.

This flexibility makes the DVD-D+R able to deliver many different services.

DVD-D+R «ready» for small batches:

For the content owners who need small quantities per title, (<2,000 discs) We can duplicate the disc in our factory and make them limited time, the same way as the replicated DVD-D. (One viewing only, 8 hours, 48 hours..) For the customer the disc will play exactly the same way as a standard replicated DVD-D

DVD-D+R «ready to burn blank discs»:

Those discs are ready for you to record them on your computer or DVD recording device. They will work for 48 hours after you record them. This is a way to transfer content that you do not want to leave accessible forever. (Decoration projects, data, ).

Those "ready to burn blank discs" are also adapted for video rental shops having an on site recording automated system...